social media nice effects

Social Media’s “Nice” Effects

Everything has its pros and cons, but those things which have wide and popular effects often become soft targets for being bashed. Social networking is one of the best examples of this phenomenon. As I have mentioned that everything has its good and bad side people often target bad sides more vigorously rather than talking good about its positive side. Nothing in this world which cannot be misused and that is a proven fact. Those who are willing to misuse it, but then why blame a good invention? Since the turn of the century communication via internet has wide effect and it has become cheaper too. It all started from various email websites providing chat or messenger services during the last few years of the past century. Yahoo! and MSN were premier messengers in those days. Even then it was misused, but people got the habit to make friends across the world. During those early days of chat messengers, people used to fool people by posing themselves from an opposite sex to the person whom they are chatting and this was the prime reason for those ‘critics’ to blame this fantastic blessing. But there were genuine people as well, who not even shared their views and feelings in those days and then they became good friends for their lives. Few even got married to their messenger buddies.

Around the middle of the last decade, social networking sites started to attract those people who till now could share their views and feelings on one to one basis only. Over here on Orkut, a social network started by Google, people can interact with plenty of unknown people with same interest on a single platform. The interest can be on Sports, Movies, Photography, Politics, Travelling, Fashion and many more. The popularity of a person or a group was based on the numbers of friends in his or her list or in a particular group one owns. The most absurd thing I witnessed on Orkut was when a big community on one of the finest cricketing legends was sold by its owner to another person!! But then that was the power of social networking which is visible even now. You would be called silly if you were not on Orkut and suddenly a wind of change came and a new name on the horizon was visible, which was called ‘Facebook’. To start with Facebook had fewer members due to heavy popularity of Orkut. People were refusing to log in to Facebook. They were so addicted to Orkut that they would laugh at Facebook and its simplicity.

But they had to change. Gradually by 2008 Facebook became the only threat to Orkut and now Orkut is hardly seen as a major social networking site. What made Facebook so popular was as I said above, its simplicity and if I may add its user friendliness. But what got the Facebook stronger base, according to me was funny yet new and yet bit realistic games. I mean you can have a forum online where you can grow your crops and not only that you can sell them and by helping your neighboring farmers, you can even earn respect and money at the same times. Same was the thing with virtual Cafes, Hotels and even Trains!! It literary helped to bring once innocent childhood back. To get help from the neighbors you had to have more friends and for that you had to ‘add’ the unknown people. Some of them even shared other things which affected their lives with those who were merely players of the games they play on Facebook. Then came pages, groups and even celebrities felt necessary to join Facebook. This made Facebook more popular because one could have first hand info on Celebrities from now on. Even newspapers, news channels etc. too joined Facebook. Now if you are not on Facebook people could laugh at you. But that is not enough; people could make great buddies for real too. Yes there are few miscreants at you will get in any part of this world, but I have seen people getting good job opportunity via Facebook, people would ready to donate blood on just one status update. These are just two examples there are many like that, don’t you think such positives are enough to eclipse that bad image created by some fools?

If Facebook was not enough there is a social networking site called Twitter. Facebook possessed a direct threat to Orkut but Twitter has a different way to interact with others hence Facebook and Twitter has no conflict of interests. Here you have to say what you want to say in just 140 words. It is like text messages. A few years after Twitter got started it has become so popular that celebrities too felt, like being on Facebook, to be on Twitter is also a must. This was a real bonanza for fans and people in general, because one can tweet only when if he or she is online, hence once a celebrity tweets, people start asking them questions and if they reply one of their tweets, their day has been made!! You can see plenty of celebrities spending many good minutes of their time at least once in a day. Big journos, actors, sports persons, historians, painters, photographers, news channels, news papers and who not? They all are on Twitter now. Even an unknown person, by tweeting interesting things can have thousands of followers and can be a celebrity himself that is an added advantage which Facebook doesn’t have.

All in all if you blame social networks just for the sake of it or just because of the few fools misusing it, then I must say you are living in a fool’s world. You must have a first hand experience first and then you can talk about it. Yes there are ample possibilities of social networks being misused but which good thing will not in that case? Am I right?

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