Taste of My Life Book Review

Test of My Life Book Review

A couple of months back, I got to know that Yuvraj Singh is writing a book about his battle with cancer. Also, when I saw him crying on a popular TV show when the images of his cancer days when shown, I was mind blown. Cancer is something that I understand and have seen what it takes to fight with it. Sheer will power and a strong urge to live is what keeps a patient going and that is what kept Yuvraj Singh going too during the most difficult phase of his life. Obviously, he had his biggest support pillars with him all the time.

The book is 189 pages long and with some pictures from Yuvraj’s life in the end. Right from the prologue, the book grips you as it throws light on various aspects of Yuvraj Singh’s life. How a happy go lucky child is forced to play cricket whereas he loved tennis and skating. How his father shaped his future with strictness and pure dedication. How Yograj Singh, Yuvraj’s father took it as a challenge that his son is going to play international cricket just because Navjot Singh Sidhu said to him that Yuvraj didn’t had in him, when his father made Sidhu see Yuvraj playing.

Also, Yuvraj Singh’s relationship with his parents and his younger brother. When Yuvraj was trying to keep up with a life that was all about learning to play the game of cricket with finesse and skill development that his father was forcing him to do, how everything was crumbling between his parents in the background. Also, how the sparks flying between his parents was affecting his and his brother’s childhood.

Once Yuvraj’s talent was recognized, he went places to play matches and his father still kept pushing him, till the day he started playing international cricket. Yuvraj Singh, as I can remember was the new rage. His performance on the field drove the nation crazy. A happy go lucky guy, who is always up to some or the other thing came in the Indian squad as a breath of fresh air.

Yuvraj Singh has also described his life on the cricket grounds from the beginning till the time he played his first match after cancer. Three World Cups, many IPLs, Ranji Trophy matches, test series, ODIs and what not. Also, how cancer was brewing up while he was practicing and playing the world cup and he kept ignoring it. This book teaches you a very important thing that never takes your health for granted. Had Yuvraj paid a little attention to what was brewing inside his body, things could have been different.
The 4th and 5th chapters of the book, The Test Of My Life and Taking Guard Again are the most emotional part of the book. Your heart just goes out to him and many other people battling Cancer every day.

Chemotherapy and its side effects are very well known to everyone now a days and when Yuvraj explains what he was going through and how he was keeping up with everything, you empathize with him. His body had almost given up while Yuvraj’s will power to get back on the cricket field kept him going and he did and that too with a bang.

The book has been co-authored by Sharda Ugra and Nishant Jeet Arora, both popular journalists and Yuvraj Singh’s friends and because of them; there is a proper structure to this book. It is a gripping and riveting read. I read it from cover to cover. Also, towards the end, Yuvraj Singh also talks about his NGO, YOUWECAN which helps Cancer patients and how he has made this NGO an important part of his life. Overall, the book made a fantastic weekend read for me and gave me various things to ponder about and taught me one very important thing and that is “This too shall pass”.
Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Ebury Press
Genre : Non-Fiction
ISBN : 978-81-8400-298-0

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