Catching some waves

So friends finally vacation time begins… ‘Chubhti jalti garmi ka mausam aaya’. In Indian climate especially western states feel terrible heat. Difficult to work. Though corporate sectors have centrally air conditioned buildings and ya now some of government sections also have the same (remember recently build “swarnim sankul”?). But it’s difficult to trap our salves in a building for long. Outside a warm, sorry hot welcome from the climate. In metro cities till late night heat doesn’t give way. Just let the sun get fresh in the morning and see the power! Can’t go out and can’t sit home. The walls, furniture, and floor everything gets fever. Fan takes his revenge of over use by throwing heated air. At nights can’t sleep properly. And in day time as the day passes along with the outside temperature inside temperature increases…So more fights at work. Due to increased temperature digestion becomes slow so even can’t eat properly, and children? They become little devils. Can’t sit inside at home and we can’t send them out till late evenings. Only things that can be done in such weather are pickles and wafers! Let’s rush out at a beach, exciting no?

Imagine you are lucky enough to be on a lone sea shore. “Main aur meri tanhai”… well the cold breeze rushing in your body, the touch of fine sand, the sight, the only sounds entering your ear are that of wind and waves.. Refreshing no? If yes than credit your Goa trip fair in my account! Apart from joke let’s get a bit in to understanding the science behind the scene. Well facts are not as beautiful as fantasy like your face book friend can’t come to help if your gas cylinder is leaking!

The waves in the sea are due to winds. Wind keeps pushing sea water. Due to this push sea water turns to waves, due this disturbance in water or in simple words due to push of the wave one more wave is created. and the process goes on creating continue series of waves, the faster the winds the higher the waves. Actually somewhere in the sea due to wind flow the first disturbance called wave is created which gives birth to countless waves and they travel thousands of kilometers. That means the wave we are watching at the shore is originated thousands of kilometers away!

Let’s get a bit deeper. Don’t worry not in to the sea but in to the theory of waves. Wave is a Disturbance created in any medium, like water, air etc. there are two types of waves. One is transverse wave. Such waves travel perpendicular to the medium. Like the waves we discussed just now and the light waves. Yes though we call ‘rays of light’ they are actually waves, like the sea waves they also travel by causing disturbance in air. Then how come they reach us within no time? Well it’s true that they are fast but fact is sun’s rays take 8.3 minutes for reaching Earth.

The other type of waves is called longitudinal waves. They are created by some type of mechanical vibration that causes a series of compressions and rarefactions, Difficult to understand? Let me explain. Sound also travel as a wave. When it pushes the molecules of air they are pressed together which is called compression and right beside it an area comes when the molecules are spread apart which is called rarefaction.

Huh…. Just imagine everywhere we are surrounded by waves. light waves make us watch everything, sound waves make us listen, we can watch television due to waves coming from satellites and chat on mobile due to the same. Don’t they disturb each other? I think god has assigned this duty of disturbing each other especially to human beings! Each wave has definite frequency and wavelengths and they travel in the band provided to them.

Let’s get a bit off track. An all-time great personality Swami Vivekananda said that whatever, wherever and whenever we think something it remains somewhere in the universe. Can’t these ‘thoughts’ be some kind of waves? Having definite frequency and wavelength, traveling in some medium… in that case we all are ‘transmitters’. And when someone has his mind open for these waves he becomes a receiver. So always think good and think positive so that we transmit positivity and receive positivity.

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