The Heaven won’t fall on us

We all know that the general elections are at least one year away from today. Although Mulayamsingh Yadav has predicted that elections can be held during the start of this year’s winter. But it seems everyone in India is in a hurry except the ruling party or should I say the ruling coalition. Their ‘take it easiness’ is well understood because their fate is well written on the wall. But still you can’t predict anything when it comes to politics. Two of the biggest personalities in Indian politics are certainly in a hurry. One is Gujarat’s Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and other is Bihar’s Chief Minister Mr. Nitish Kumar. The former is in a hurry because he knows that in coming days if everything goes according to his plans, he will be declared as a NDA’s candidate for the future Prime Minister of India, hence he wants to cover as much ground as possible before the election dates are announced. The other gentleman is in the hurry because he and his party want to have a clear cut idea whether Mr. Modi is certainly going to be BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate or not so that they can work on how not to get their ‘secular’ votes go away. Apart from these two, the other partner of the NDA, Shivsena too is in a hurry on the same issue. In all probability Mulayamsingh Yadav’s prediction may come true and why not? He has the control over the lifeline of the UPA. Once he decides to switch off the oxygen cylinder the current government will certainly fall on its weight.

But this is the only one side of what is happening around the country these days. The other thing happening here is ‘how to stop Narendra Modi from becoming Prime Minister of India?’ Mind you as mentioned above the BJP has still not made his candidature official. But as if that declaration is a foregone conclusion most of the ‘secular’ political parties and ‘super secular’ media of the country have started their campaign on ‘Stop Modi from becoming the PM’. There is nothing wrong if political parties doing that since they are entitled to do so for the sake of political rivalry or earning some political mileage but the way our media is working overtime is just amazing. Although the trial run of the same was done during the last year’s Gujarat Elections but in the midway when they saw that Modi is unbeatable, it was abandoned. But now it is the question of nation’s ‘security’ especially for the minorities how can they keep mum? The air they are trying to generate is that if Modi becomes PM the entire nation will start rioting. Whenever they refer about Modi, the riots of 2002 invariably get a note. Even while discussing 1984 riots the focus automatically shifts to 2002 the total opposite to it is normally not allowed though. Even on social media especially on Twitter if you notice there is a plenty of venom being put out against Mr. Modi. Though I never subscribed to the word ‘Pappu’ used for Mr. Rahul Gandhi, the congress vice president, the word Feku made the rounds when Mr. Modi addressed the Women’s wing of the FICCI few days back. If you make a list of the worst abuses thrown at Mr. Modi on Twitter, the word Feku looks juvenile.

That is a picture of how the media and anti Modi humans on social media think about Modi these days. But let us now think about a hypothetical situation which is scaring them the most. Just imagine if Mr. Modi becomes PM will the heavens fall on all of us? I certainly don’t think so since I am enjoying his rule in my state for last 11 years now. There is a well crafted fear by the media and many active on social networks that if Modi becomes PM India will be divided into many parts and we may see another ‘post independence like’ situation where thousands of Muslims had to move to Pakistan. We Indians are very emotional people which is a well known truth and media and those people on social networks are certainly exploiting it. If that was the case then why Muslims are not fleeing out of Gujarat every day in large numbers? If such is the case then why a certain Qutubuddin Ansari ‘the face of 2002 riots’ is back from his exile and started working again in the state? If that is the case then why a certain Zafar Sareshwala has become a big fan of Mr. Modi after being his staunch critic? If that is the case then why a Juhapura based Muslim social worker named Shehnaz Malek has joined BJP? This is the ground reality of Gujarat for minorities. Every time there is a talk about Gujarat media and few ‘social network superstars’ are habituate to bring 2002 riots but they easily forget to show the fact that since 2002 there is not a single riot in Gujarat under the same Narendra Modi.

Despite being fan of Mr. Modi I am one of those who don’t want to be part of the BJP to keep myself away from politics. There are thousands like me in the state who are just fans of Modi and not BJP. What this shows? Only that in Modi we see, probably after Mrs. Indira Gandhi, a leader who can lead India in every portion possible. Sometimes if you keep on talking on one single point it is bound to get counterproductive. The same thing has happened with Modi. More the talk about 2002 more the people now feel that why so much focus on those three days only and not on rest of the 1000 days of his rule? There must be something wrong here. If Modi and his rule are so biased against the minorities of Gujarat, then in these 11 years there would have been thousands of PILs filed in different courts of Gujarat or in the Supreme Court of India. But nothing similar has happened till now. One can have differences of opinion with his way of functioning. Yes he is autocratic, yes he is rude at times, and yes he has aspirations of being PM but so what? It is the same Congress party who is criticizing Modi for being autocratic has given us Mrs. Indira Gandhi who by all means was autocratic. It is the same Congress party who is criticizing Modi for being rude has few ministers in their ranks who have become synonymous to the word rude. It is the same Congress party which is laughing at Mr. Modi of having PM aspirations, is projecting its vice president as their PM candidate silently.

But still if Modi does come to the power the heaven will break out despite we find no difference between him and other parties in his comparison. My take on this is that the road for 7 RCR is not easy for Modi at all. Everyone involved in ‘Stop Modi Campaign’ must look at the progress of the events, which will unfold in coming months first. As we all know that everyone within the BJP is not happy with Modi getting more attention so there will be some resistance within the party as well before he becomes even a candidate. If Modi crosses this first hurdle then comes the hurdle called NDA. There is already an opposition by the largest and oldest partners of the NDA JDU and Shivsena. JDU don’t see Modi as ‘secular’ despite under him Gujarat had riot free decade for the first time in its history. Shivsena probably is not happy with Modi because his closeness with Raj Thackeray. Even that hurdle is passed somehow then the biggest hurdle will be his acceptance to the Indian voters. He needs to somehow get the magic figure of 190+ for the BJP as a candidate of PM which for me is hard, if not impossible. Even that is done with then there will be a need for post poll alliances and it is expected that the AIADMK, TMC and BJD will have a big say in the probable absence of JDU in the NDA. So for all those who are terrified of Modi becoming PM must now feel relaxed. There is a definite possibility of a hung parliament this time and the vote will surely be divided right in the middle. In such scenario because of certain ‘secular’ ethos from most of the Indian political parties, Modi is not going to be a common choice of PM in any case.

If despite of such hurdles in sight and he still manages to get 190+ seats and manages to get everyone on board and becomes PM then let him be. I mean his stint as PM whether it remains short or long will decide once and for all whether he suites the post or not? If he becomes the PM it will certainly decide whether the current hype over him is correct or not? If he succeeds then will it not be good for India of having an excellent leader at the helm? And if he fails then he will remain CM of Gujarat forever and there will not be any further talks about him becoming PM. This is the plain common sense which every political party or its supporters should have.

Let us be simple … right?

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